This site allows you to securely send passwords to others by:
  • Creating a secure URL you can safely share
  • Expiring the URL after a set amount of time

Why would I want to do this?

Because you don't want to share passwords in email. It's dangerous!


When you send someone an email, that email is usually transmitted securely. However, once it reaches its destination, it sits unencrypted. It's also copied to Inboxes, Outboxes, Sent folders, Trash folders, etc.

The message can also become buried in a thread of emails all cc'ed to different people with their own set of folders and mailboxes.

This information can sit around for years and years. All it takes is for one person in the thread to become infected with spyware. Then all your email is up for grabs.

Hackers will mine it for information and passwords are top on the list.

Make it harder for the hackers by not sharing passwords in email. Use pw4me instead.

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